Acne Treatments at the Spa


Have you been struggling to get rid of acne and all the blemishes on your skin? You’d be happy to know that there are a number of ways to relieve yourself of all the acne marks on your face. One of the most prominent ways of dealing with acne is going to a therapeutic spa where they offer you qualified acne treatment through their regular routine. Acne tends to affect teens and adults of all ages, but much of it has to do with puberty and the increase in hormonal levels. During this time, the oil glands in your body would increase to cope with the increased demand for oils and secretion liquids.

There are oral medications as well as acne creams that help relieve the skin condition, but spa treatments have now been formulated to include certain mixtures which help with acne. These medical spa centers offer great treatments such as the Smoothbeam laser, which is meant to help cure acne in almost anyone. It uses a medium power laser beam which helps remove the upper layer of your skin. The laser light digs deep into the secondary layer of your skin, which immediately causes the top layer to peel off and re-grow. Acne treatments from spas don’t all work with one single treatment, as you would have to go in for three or four of them, across a period of one month.

As you’re using a completely UV safe laser beam, there have been no signs of side effects caused from the spa treatment. You might have experienced sun tanning beds, which almost work in the same way, but remain to be quite harmless for younger children. In some states and cities, it has been made illegal for children to go to spa centers to get special forms of treatment, as the methods are not meant to be safe for them. With adults and older teens, an acne treatment from a spa could be considered, but it should only be done with the consultation of your dermatologist. Apart from using a smooth laser beam, some spa centers offer microdermabrasion, which we will cover in the next section.

For those who are unaware of what microdermabrasion is; it is a mechanical procedure which helps exfoliate the skin. This is sometimes favoured over other types of procedures because it does not leave as much swelling or redness. Any blackheads or blemishes you have on your skin would be removed through microdermabrasion. Once the dead skin cells are all removed, you will need to give yourself enough rest, enough nutrients and very little sunlight. After you go through with such a procedure, it is important that you stay away from as much sunlight as you can, as it could seriously cause the healing to slowdown.

Finally, before you resort to an acne treatment from a spa, you need to talk to your dermatologist about the type of treatment you are considering. The doctor would then consider the extent of the treatment and would be able to tell you whether it is something you should be doing. If the smooth laser beam is going to cause severe pain or if it is considered to be highly sensitive towards your skin; it may not be a good idea after all.

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