Do Excess Sugar Levels Cause Acne?


In past couple of years, there have been lots of talks about whether sugar content causes acne in people who are prone to them. It has been an ongoing debate which has led nowhere, as the relationship between sugar and acne is apparent, but still very weary. Acne on its own is a common skin condition that is seen in people of all ages, so increased consumption of sugar is somewhat hard to identify as a catalysts in the development of acne. Even though there have been no exact proofs indicating that chocolates and other sugary items cause acne; some doctors believe that it does.

The reason why sugar is seen to not affect acne is because it does not play a role in its development nor its transition. The following are the main factors that cause an acne lesion to develop in someone,

  • Follicles start getting injected with oils or protein content
  • Sebum production increases in the body, causing the skin to be a little swelled
  • The inflammation sets in and causes a bump

The first stage of the development is brought upon with the increased level of hormonal juice in the body. There are certain times during an individual’s life when they would be experiencing abnormal levels of hormones, typically during pregnancy, puberty and menstrual cycles. Women who generally go through either one of these stages would experience certain levels of acne development. Many people say that you diet makes an overall difference on how progressive your acne condition is, but that is not true at all. Through research, it has been identified that your diet and what you eat plays no significant role in the development of acne.

However, for those who have acne, it is important to be eating fresh fruits and nutrient rich food items, as it will help the growth of healthy new skin. People who have acne would often times be using oral medications and acne creams. As you use acne creams, certain parts of your skin would be removed, so it is important to be eating healthy so that your body has the nutrients to start growing healthy new skin. Clear skin has been seen to start developing in people who eat lots of whole grain and fruits, as both in combination are extremely healthy for you.

Slowing down on the consumption of sugar content might not actually stop acne from developing, but it will certainly help keep you healthy. Constantly eating fatty foods and foods that contain oils is considered to be bad for your health, but it surely does not mean that it will cause acne. On the other hand, if you are using oily makeup products on your skin; it may very well be associated with your acne condition. This is because you are basically applying the additives on your face, which makes it easy for the oil substitutes to get deep into your pores and possibly engage in clogging open pores. Overall, sugar has no affect on your acne condition.

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