Effective Ways of Treating Acne Caused by Makeup


Have you been using makeup for a prolonged period of time and starting to see acne marks on your face? What many people don’t realize is that, cosmetic does cause some level of pimple and skin breakouts. In order to avoid such unwanted conditions caused by make-up, you need to find the best forms of products in the market, which include oil-free makeups. The name used to describe acne that occurs due to the use of makeup is known as acne cosmetica.

Fortunately, there are several ways by which you can clear pimple marks on your face and potentially prevent acne from developing again. The following tips should help in finding the underlying cause of the problem, which would enable you to find a better acne treatment.

The first step is to clean the skin area of all the cosmetic products you’ve used in the past. Even after one cleanse, you may still have some residues in the pores. In order to fully remove all the dead cells and old residue, it is suggested for you to stop using them for at least three days. During these days, you need to be washing your face with warm water, at least four times a day. You could also use an exfoliating product, preferably something that contains salicylic acid. After three days of washing and cleansing, your skin should now be ready for the treatment.

Now that your skin has been fully cleaned, you would be able to tell exactly what might be the issue. If you notice that most of the marks are on your cheeks, it may be due to blush. The foundation normally causes marks around the face; just in the region you apply moisturizer or foundation. If the marks appear to be higher up on the face and near the hairline, it could be because of a particular hair product you are using. Figuring out the exact cosmetic product that is causing the problem is very important. Once you have figured out what is causing the condition you might want to look for a better solution.

Try other brands of products that are made for people who experience acne and other skin conditions. Some of the preservatives and chemicals that go into the making of those products have been known to be the primary cause of pimples in most women. Knowing this, many companies have started making cosmetic products for acne patients. Oil free products have become quite popular in recent years, typically due to its high level of compatibility with acne prone skin. Before you actually purchase a cosmetic product, you could test it on skin to see if it causes any side effect.

Testing the products before using them is very important, especially when you have been known to develop pimple like conditions. Treating acne caused by makeup is simple, as you simply need to avoid using the same cosmetic products. Follow through on an acne treatment and you would be able to see progress within the first four weeks.

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