How to Cure Back Acne and Pimples?


When many of us hear the term acne, we immediately think about the skin condition causing adverse effects on our face. The reality behind it is that the condition could essentially occur on any place around the body, and doesn’t have to be only on the face. Surely, the face is the most common location on the body where you’d experience the problem mostly, but the second most active location on the body for pimple is the back and shoulders. For some people, back acne is sometimes much worse than on the face, typically because it cases pain when sitting down and leaning against a backrest.

People who have this skin disorder tend to be a little low on self-esteem, as they tend to shy away from public scenarios that may require them to remove their shirt. Such examples include going to a swimming pool, Water Park, beach or even the gym. The disadvantage of having those pimples on your back is that you can’t even see them. With the marks hidden away it could be very hard to cure as it’s hard to go to. Tons of clogged pores start building up on the back and it causes the pimple to form on the back.

All the marks and conditions are caused the same way, but several other factors may be used to explain why someone might be experiencing faster growth when it comes to this bacne. This is because you may be wearing a shirt all the time that is both tight and right up against your back. Your skin needs to be exposed to oxygenated air as well as natural light, as always wearing a shirt is considered to keep pores clogged and masked. This is not a problem for everyone, but it could be used to explain why some people experience this skin condition. In treating back acne, you should first consult with a skin doctor such as dermatologist.

After careful diagnosis of your actual condition, the dermatologist would be able to provide you with an acne treatment. The treatment may consist of one of more combinations of medications such as creams, topical lotions and oral tablets. For severe case patients, the combination of treatments is what helps reduce the skin redness and acne marks. Over the years, people have also used natural remedies to cure acne, but they do take quite a bit of time to show potential results.

When following a prescription medication treatment, it is important that you follow it as directed by your doctor. Several acne ointments are to be applied twice a day, with the restriction that you keep the affected area away from the sun. As the medication is highly UV ray sensitive, it is important that you stay away from direct sunlight. Many people love the feeling of getting a tan, but that is considered a big problem for some people who have skin conditions. Back acne tends to take time to cure, but it will get cleared with the use of proper acne medications.

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