The Benefits and Drawbacks of Acne Antibiotics


In treating acne, there are two general ways it can be done. First, the doctor would give you an acne cream or gel that needs to be applied onto your skin. This would do all external treatment on your skin and it should clear your clogged pores. Using antibiotics for acne has become very common nowadays, as it helps in reducing the sebum production which takes place when you have high skin sensitivity. Acne is clearly known to be caused by two distinct things that take place in the body. The first component of acne is due to sebum production, while the second part is due to bacteria.

When you visit your dermatologist for a medical checkup, they will most often prescribe you with two types of acne medications. The first would be an externally applied cream while the other would be a type of antibiotic. Acne antibiotics help as they kill off the bacteria that are causing the acne to develop in your skin. Now, there is one misconception that many people are not aware of. Acne antibiotics work only to remove the bacteria that are in your skin. They do not reduce the production of sebum or remove clogs in your pores. For the best acne treatment, you would need to do two things; use an externally applied acne cream and take some antibiotics.

To a certain degree, everything that takes place in your body relates to your overall acne condition. Some people claim that the foods we eat do not affect our skin and its health rating, but it certainly does make a difference. If you begin eating lots of fatty foods or oils, you will certainly notice that your acne condition is developing even further. Acne is a very serious skin condition that could end up causing emotional distress and even social dilemmas. To avoid all the worry and fear, you should focus on using an effect acne treatment that works. Acne antibiotics have been known to work quite well, but the overall effectiveness really ends up being an issue for some people.

When you are using acne antibiotics, you should avoid being in the sun or anywhere there is highly intense light. This is because, the antibiotics make your skin very sensitive and the UV rays from the sun could leave you with sunburns. Not only will you get sunburns, but you will also notice that the acne marks are getting worse over time. In order to remove acne marks, you should use your acne antibiotics and acne creams in combination for the period that has been assigned to you. With prolonged use, you will surely see some results with your acne condition.

Before you consider using acne medications, you might also want to consider speaking to your doctor about detoxification. When you detoxify your body, you are getting rid of all the toxins, which is something that could benefit your acne treatment. Having toxins in your body is a major problem and it could lead to health concerns in the future.

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