What Causes Acne in Adults?


Acne is a very common skin condition that has been known to affect both teenagers and adults, regardless of age or gender. Even though the condition is more predominant with teenagers, it is still seen in many adults. There are a number of reasons why someone might have developed acne, as food or the use of makeup plays a very important role in its development. People who eat highly fried or oily foods would often expect to see far more signs of acne on their face and back. Adult acne is caused by hormonal level changes that occur within the body, often experienced during internal changes.

One reason why people experience adult acne is because they use very skin sensitive makeup products. These makeup products contain lots of oils, which get deep into your pores. Once in the pores, the oily substitutes would remain there and potentially try to get out. When the there is no way for the oily products to leave the skin layer, it begins to form acne marks.

When the sebum content builds up, it would cause inflammation of the skin, which results in adult acne. If you want to prevent adult acne, you would need to find makeup and facial products that contain little to no oils. There is tons of make-up products are paraben-free, which is a chemical compound that has been linked to the development of acne.

As mentioned earlier, hormonal fluctuations in the body has been known to cause adult acne as well. A very common situation where you would experience this is during pregnancy or premenstrual stages. When a woman is going through pregnancy, the hormone levels are extremely vibrant and jumpy, causing adult acne. This is why women experience adult acne during pregnancy. If you have pregnancy acne, you shouldn’t have to worry too much as it does go away with time. Picking on the acne marks will make the skin condition worse, so let it be and you will see that you will have clear skin without the use of medications or topical creams.

What you eat also affects how you look in the end, so focus on avoiding oily foods. The oils in the food get into the inner lining of your skin and it causes serious problems such as adult acne. Knowing how to cure adult acne would help, especially when you have to deal with social situations for work or school. In treating adult acne, you could use benzoyl peroxide based creams, as they help in treating the skin condition from the root of the problem. The first stage in curing acne is reducing the inflammation. This is commonly achieved by creams and lotions.

Oral medications such as tablets will work from the inside, by reacting with skin cells to ensure that acne does not form again. By preventing acne from the root and ensuring that the inflammation swells down, you would be able to live acne free. Before using acne creams, just make sure that it is both safe and effective. Never purchase creams without the consent of a medical professional, as they know what’s best for your sensitive skin.

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