What Causes Acne in Women?


For those who have no awareness of it; acne is commonly seen in most women and teenage girls, but it certainly is not limited to them alone. Women generally have higher hormonal imbalances, as they go through various stages in life. Menstruation is a very good reason that explains the elevated hormone level changes in the body. Pregnancy is also another period in a women’s life when she would experience acne. Adult acne is commonly seen during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. However, through the right types of topical creams and herbal treatments, it can be cured and prevented.

Acne could be considered as a very common symptom that may be indicated the presence or development of another condition. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome causes symptoms during its progression and one of the symptoms is acne. By getting yourself tested, your medical professional would be able to tell you if you have another medical condition that needs attention. Acne on the face could tell doctors a lot about what is happening in the body. It is rare that you would experience prolonged acne just because you ate something you were allergic to. If there is an underlying medical condition that is causing acne like symptoms, the only way to treat it would be to cure the medical problem.

Women tend to experience high levels of acne, both on their face and back. Teenage girls experience acne as well, especially during the changes that take place during puberty. Acne in women has been treated with the use of acne creams and lotions. The acne creams are formulated to work on a daily basis, so it is important that you use them every day. Specific acne medications are to be used every day, because only then will you begin to see positive changes. Acne could be quite detrimental for some women, as it brings down their self-esteem and confidence level. Looking the best is important for every women and acne surely doesn’t help with it.

There are so many types of makeup products in the world, so it is important to know which products cause the least amount of harm on our skin. Certain makeup products have oil compounds, parabens and chemical additives; all of which will cause acne after a prolonged period of use. When you use chemically enhanced makeup products, it begins to soak into the deeper layers of your skin. As your inner skin layers build up with sebum content and other chemicals, there comes a need for inflammation. This is when acne starts to build up in an effort to get rid of all the oil substitutes.

Low hygiene is also a highly probable reason that may explain why someone might have acne. Practicing good hygiene is not only good for your health, but it prevents infections and skin conditions such as acne. In treating acne in women, there are laser treatments, oral medications, topical lotions and surgical procedures. When beginning to cure acne, you should use natural treatments at home to see if it helps. If you don’t see positive results from homeopathic remedies, you could resort to medical creams and tablets.

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