What Causes White Bumps or Milia?


Have you ever woken up in the morning and realized that you have several white bumps on your face? These white bumps are known by their medical name, which is milia. You can treat milia by a number of ways, as this is a form of skin condition that many people deal with. Most doctors will relate milia with acne, but they are both very different things. When you see a white bump on your skin, it may look like huge white pimple, but it really is an excess of cyst. When it comes to the creation of milia, it is formed by tons of protein.

In terms of milia, there are two different types of conditions you can think of. The first condition is when your milia acne marks are filled with oil gland extracts. If there is one thing that makes your acne condition worse over time, it is the fact that there are tons of oily extracts in your skin. Each milia white bump is either with oil or protein and this is essentially what you need to remove when you are trying to get rid of the marks. The second type of milia is where it is full of excess protein. The excess protein would be white in color and will make up most of the white bumps on your skin.

Some people who have tons of white marks on their face ultimately think that they have acne, but this is not true at all. Even though milia could be considered a type of acne, it does not mean that it is. When the protein in your body is excreted into your skin layer, it would do so without going through pores. When this does happen, the issue you need to think about is whether you have an excess in protein levels in your body. Even though protein is good for you; it may as well cause skin conditions at the very other extreme. Popping the white pimples will only make things worse, as it would cause dark spots on your skin.

One common instance when you would see a lot of milia is when you are just born. New born babies will have several milia white bumps and this usually disappears over a short period of time. The thing you have to understand is that just because you see some new mark on your skin; it does not mean that it is acne. It could be something half as serious and may be removed through the easiest treatment process. In removing white bumps, you need to practice good hygiene. This means you should be washing your face and skin at least three times a day with the use of a good healthy cleanser.

As you practice good hygiene and use an effective cream or acne treatment, you will slowly notice that all the milia marks are disappearing. For some people, the milia marks may take several weeks to disappear, but overall; it should not take more than a few months. For the best treatment, you just need to make sure that you are not popping your pimples.

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