Why Popping Pimples is Bad for Your Skin


Acne patients who have experienced the breakouts know exactly how tempting it can be to pop a pimple. Being strong and avoiding that temptation is the smart thing to do, as there are so many skin complications that could arise when you begin popping all your pimples. It may seem like the best idea, but making that pimple smaller by popping it is going to leave you with an acne scar. Not only would it leave you the scars, it would also cause black spots on your skin. Some people have black spots and they don’t even know how much of a difference popping pimples would make.

Beside black spots that can arise on skin layer, you may also have tissue damage when you are popping pimples. Understanding the science behind an acne breakout would help you realize what actually goes on under your epidermis layer. As the breakouts start to form, it begins by opening passageways which bring in an increased amount of white blood cells. These white blood cells help treat the whole skin condition, even though there is an influx of blood in the affected area. Since the area is both affected by the acne condition and is swollen with blood, you would be very tempted to popping it without knowing that it will leave behind tissue damage and a possible dark spot.

You have to understand that natural UV ray is incredibly bad for people with pimples problem, so it is wise to stay away from any form of sunlight as it will harm your skin. People who are using acne medications will also find it difficult to stay in the sun for long hours as it may cause headaches, dizziness and nausea. This is only true if you are using oral medications, as acne creams will not generally have this affect on patients. There are natural acne treatments available as well, but that may or may not be as affective for most people. The severity of your condition is what really matters in the end, as it will form the basis of your treatment. Even the most effective treatments would take some time to give you results, all because you popped several pimples on the affected areas.

At the end of the day, you really should avoid popping any sort of pimple you have on your skin. Even the smallest pimple will cause tissue damage, acne scars and dark spots on skin. It is important to be smart about your decisions, especially when it could leave a visible sign on the skin. Reducing the amount of time you expose yourself to the sun would also be quite helpful in staying protected from harmful UV rays. These harmful UV rays have been known to make the scars even worse, so you should highly consider using sunscreen when you are going out. The respective strength of screen should be used as it would allow you to keep the skin unharmed. Remember that many possible skin conditions could arise from constant popping of pimples!

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